Descant Family: BourdeauxFrance to LouisianaU.S.A.

The Descant Family, while tracing it's roots to Bourdeaux, France, has planted deep roots within Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.  Our Louisiana heritage goes back to March 20, 1845 when Jean and his Father Dominique Descant arrived in New Orleans.  Jean's brother, Jules M. Descant, arrived in New Orleans in 1855. 


Bonjour moms and dads, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  I have developed this web site in memory of my Father Edgar 'Pega' Descant, my Grandfather Pierre Joseph Descant, my Great Grandfather Hypolite Paul Descant,  my Great-Great Grandfather Jean Descant, and my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Dominique Descant

And, to their wives; my Mother and all of my Grandmothers.  The objective of the Descant Family web site is to commemorate everyone related to Dominique and Francoise Descant.  My objective is to give you, show you where you and your family fit into the Descant Lineage. 

The catalyst for this endeavor is clearly 'Granny's Family Album' published by Dr. Ed Dugas in 1971. The Descant Family web site is a work-in-progress and is never-ending.  Your participation is welcomed and appreciated. 

Please view Pierre Joseph and Celestine "Granny"  Descant as a reference/model when sending in your family information...

Following is the Descant Family Lineage from 1802


Children Of Dominique Descant And Francoise Pugeau

Jean Descant Dominique Descant, JR Jules Martin Descant Marie Descant
Children Of Jean Descant And Marie Roude
Louis Victor Hypolite "Paul" Mathilde Anais Marie Lydie Francoise Alma Germain Pierre
Children Of Hypolite "Paul" Descant And Birginie Marie Aymond
Alma Blanche Olange Celcina Lonie Louis Pierre Joseph Albert Angella

Children Of Pierre Joseph Descant, Sr. And Celestine "Granny" Mary Armand

Lenora Mary Lizera Mary Clophine Mary Larma Herman Isabel Mary Edgar Paul Elise Mary
Louise Mary Leo Joseph Cecilia Mary Murry Joseph Marvin Joseph Pierre Joseph Eura Vee

Children Of Metreades Dwight Descant, Sr. and Alida Armand-Descant
Metreades "MD" Jr. Elster Jimmy Elmer “Buck” Birdie Aline Carrie Freda Louella Nellie



Dale J. Descant